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Boy Scout Salesmanship Merit Badge Seminar FAQ's

Q: What time will the merit badge be offered?

A: At 9 am and 11 am at each location. 

Q: Who is teaching the Merit Badge?

A: Registered Merit Badge Counselors.

Q: Do I as an adult need to stay the whole time?

A: No, but we will need some contact info before you leave in case we need to call you.

Q: Will the Scout need to do some prep work before the 16th?

A: Yes, our Merit Badge Counselors will need some of the requirements done before hand. A list will be emailed out to you aprox 24-48 hours after you register. 

Q: Will they earn the merit badge that day?

A: No, they will get some of the requirements done, but will still have a few left to do. 

Q: Will they need to bring a blue card?

A: Yes.

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: Email Bill at

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